God damn I’m busy. Hopefully things will slow down eventually, but I’m sure busy right now. It’s fun though. I am having a great time.

* We’re settled in and mostly unpacked.
* I really like it here. The rain blows, but it’s not that bad and the sun shows up for a while most days.
* We saw Metric and Crystal Castles at The Showbox and they both rocked.
* I built an awesome workbench for the garage which you can see at Flickr.
* I shared an elevator with Bill Gates in Pacific Place Mall. He was coming out of the movies with his wife and they drove off in a blue Porsche.
* I can drink Alaskan Amber whenever I want now, and I love it.
* I deployed my software at all our locations on the west coast (Portland, San Francisco, Sacramento, Seattle, Los Angeles) last night so now you can walk into an InMotion store in any of those air ports, plug in your iPod and download some cool, free content. I’m deploying in the rest of our network over the next few days which will cover 23 of the biggest airports in the country.

Other stuff too.