Turn On The Bright Lights

Last night we saw Interpol at WaMu theater. A band called Liars opened for them and they were fucking awful. Worst band I’ve ever heard live or anywhere, for that matter. For Google: The band Liars is terrible.

Anyway, Interpol was awesome. They put on a totally great show and played wonderfully.

Since this is a new city and all I don’t know the venues yet each show is a learning experience. The Showbox at the Market is very cool, but I’d like to go to a show there when it’s not all ages. It seems like Seattle is very strict about all ages shows and alcohol. The all ages folks can’t get into the bar areas and the drinkers can’t take their drinks out of the bar areas.

Anyway, WaMa Theater sucked. The bar areas were outside of the concert area completely and followed the same rules as above. You also couldn’t take pictures (or the picture police would come make you delete them), you couldn’t stand in the aisles and it was too damn loud.

Now, I know I’m old now and all that, but it was too loud. I’m sorry, it really was. I still have really bad tinnitus this morning which is pretty abnormal for me.

Anyway, altogether it was a great show because Interpol more than made up for the sucky parts, but I’ll definitely hesitate to go to shows at the WaMu Theater from here out.

Oh, $7.50 bottles of Bud Light. That didn’t help either. And $9 cocktails.

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  1. You suck for getting to see Interpol…. but on a brighter note thanks for saying this tour is good.

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