Breaker one niner…

I’ve been trying to figure out what is being said in the CB chatter in Revolver by Hooverphonic forever, and for some reason today I could hear it just fine when I could never figure it out before. I found the sample, eventually, on Google.

“Breaker one niner, are there any Smokeys with ears on? If you want a smokey good buddy…”

“If you want a smokey good buddy try channel nine. You’re not gonna find any on this one. I’ve got a ten thirtythree here and I’m looking for a bear. What’s your handle good buddy? My handle is Landcraft and I’m pushing an eighteen wheeler. Landcraft there’s no bears on this interstate. Is there anyone hurt on that ten thirtythree?”

Glad that’s solved…

One thought on “Breaker one niner…”

  1. I had the exact same experience, and my Google search led me here. I cannot find the name of the movie/whatever from where this came, let alone locate a sample of it online. Can you share any more information about its origin? Thank you!!

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