One Month, and Indecision!

Well, today marks one month of being away from home! Unfortunately it is marked by two days straight of rain in Cairns. Yesterday I didn’t really do crap. Read my books and spent some time catching up on the Internets. I also spent some time trying to figure out the next leg of my trip. My time in Australia is coming to a close. While there is still a ton of stuff I could do, I am ready to move on to less comfortable places. It’s too easy here. Everyone speaks my language 🙂

My plan all along was to go from Australia to New Zealand, buy a crappy car and spend a month exploring those lovely islands. After that I intended to go to Japan. Unfortunately, to get into NZ I have to have a ticket out. They won’t let me in otherwise. So I would need to buy my ticket to Tokyo now, and fly from New Zealand, or fly back to Australia and then on to Japan. Either way it will cost me $500US+ just in airfare. Add on to that that it’s winter in New Zealand which will really restrict my outdoor activities and it starts to look like I should go right to Japan.

The only problem with that is that I was hoping to delay going to Japan until their autumn started so I wasn’t miserable the whole time, but I just checked the weather in Tokyo and it’s not too bad.

So, I am undecided. Do I spent quite a bit of money to visit New Zealand, or perhaps save it for next time? Do I go on to Japan even though I didn’t want to go there this early? Or do I do something completely different? Perhaps fly to Thailand, or Singapore or Hong Kong?

I ask you, dear reader, for your suggestions.

Update! The people (you!) have spoken and New Zealand is out. I’m going to head off to Japan next Thursday! That gives me just under a week to hopefully get a tan in Cairns, and maybe spend some time in the rainforest. I also need to find me a croc or two! Thanks for the suggestions!

Final Update! And I have a ticket to Tokyo! Holy crap I’m excited. I leave Thursday at noon and arrive at 6:45pm. Supposedly Tokyo is expensive, but so far everything I am finding seems really reasonable, if not better than usual. I can get a private room for around $25 US with free wifi and all kinds of other crap. Wooooo!

5 thoughts on “One Month, and Indecision!”

  1. If it’s possible to hit NZ on the way back to the States, I say jog on up to Thailand now and then move onto Japan.

  2. I’d say the really kick ass thing about NZ are all of the kick ass extreme out door activities they partake in. If it is winter there now, then I’d postpone NZ until you can hit it in the spring, when the out door activities could be explored, white water jet boating, Parasailing need I say more? Sounded like you hit Awkland on the way to Oz, will you be hitting it on the way back?

    Whatever you do, enjoy yourself thoroughly.


  3. Dude, I’ve been checking up on you.

    Food in Japan will be ludicrously expensive. You’ll get get cold udon noodles for a million dollars. But, you already had to deal with that.

    Try to get to the other-than-urban areas if you can. Hung did it on a tour, but things are more reasonably priced out there, and besides, a city is a city. Japan’s pretty westernized anyway…

    Of course, there’s the language issue in Japan. I’m not sure how you deal with that if you’re not on a tour.

  4. By the way, if you want to trip over to Vietnam at some point, give me some warning. I’m sure Hung’s uncle would love to show you around.

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