Dorm Life

Well, it’s now been raining for three days straight in Cairns. And I mean raining. For an hour here and there it will just spit but generally it pours. I’ve blown the last three days just playing on the net, wandering around in the rain and reading books. I also mastered cooking steamed rice on the stove. So that was cool.

Today I didn’t feel like just laying around listening to my roommates babble about who tried to kiss them last night (again), “Ohhhh myyyyyy gahhhhhhd. Did Ryan try to kiiiiiiss you? You were sooooooooooo drunk!”, so I decided to wander down to the movie theater and blow some time there. I just finished watching __28 Weeks Later__ which was about as good as you might expect it to be. Not very. Worth the money though and it looks like I managed to miss 2 hours of the sky pissing down, so that was cool.

Since there’s been nothing good to take pictures of since the dive trip (because of the rain) I took two pictures of the room I am staying in. The two go together. I call it “Theirs, and mine”. I hope they convey my message. The room is a complete wreck. There is food, underwear, used up deodorant, wrappers for everything and anything else you can imagine scattered everywhere. And then there’s my little corner where I try to maintain a little bit of decency. I’m not sure it’s worth it 🙂

I probably shouldn’t complain. It’s still cheap!

Anyway, that’s it for now. I am going to try to get a tour into Daintree tomorrow, or Karunda (might have spelled that wrong) and see some stuff but it’s all outdoors stuff so it will need to rain a little less for that to happen. For tonight, I think I am going to wander down to the harbor and see if the storm is at least producing cool waves. Then it’s off to read a little more and maybe watch some Scrubs. Ahh, the life of an international wanderer! 🙂

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  1. I got to run in the rain for awhile. Last time I ever choose to walk 2 parking lots over instead of moving my car.

    At least the british girls have books. I didn’t expect that.

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