Kurt Vonnegut and Other Things…

I’ve been reading Kurt Vonnegut recently, and it has me off balance. When I say reading and recently, I should add that I am almost done the second book by him that I have read. It is called “Timequake”. The first I read was “Breakfast of Champions”. The reason that I am off balance is because Kurt (can I call him Kurt?) is writing in first person about events that have aparently happened to him. He tells of his history, his family, his brother who aparently exists given the picture of him on the back cover, his children and so on. He also tells of this being the year 2010. As far as I know, it is not yet the year 2010.

I checked.

I’m really getting a kick out of these books because they are original. I have not read anything like this before. There are not many authors that I have read that I can say that about, and I’ve read enough to know.

So if you have not read Kurt’s work I’d definitly recommend it. I think it’s fun to read and I am still not sure if he’s serious or not. Don’t write and tell me if he is or isn’t though, because I want to find out for myself. I’m hoping that I do, because if not I am probably not smart enough to know and I don’t deserve to find out.
That may seem a little harsh, but if you had had the kind of last Thursday I had you would be a little down in the self esteem department too, but that’s a story for a never time.