I saw a cop kicking a man as he ran away screaming “Yes sir!” tonight at the Marilyn Manson concert.

The concert was cancelled because of security reasons after three songs.

So basically, after driving around for a while and then sitting in traffic for 2 hours we finally made it to Freaker’s Ball just in time for Manson to go on stage.

Manson played one song and then the band walked off stage. A few minutes later a security guy tells the crowd that they have to take a few steps back because a barricade has broken and needs to be repaired before the show can go on.

This takes about 45 minutes and requires several different people, including Manson (“Just move back and I’ll come back and fuck you reallll good”) coming out and begging people to move back.

Finally the band starts playing again and manages to make it through 2 more songs before walking off. From what we hear there is a brawl in the front and mace or tear gas has been sprayed and the barricade is broken again. Nothing happens for at least 20 minutes and then it looks like the backdrops and stage gear is being removed. Finally someone announces that Manson just wants us all to be safe, and is cancelling the show to protect us. Thanks Manson!

Here is a news story about the event.