On Location: New Jersey

I’m… writing… this… from… New… Jersey.

The… reason… for… the… pauses… is… that… I… am… connected… to… the… Internet… at… 19.2kb/s…

Enough of that.

Let me tell you something about dial up. It sucks.
It sucks in a way that I can no longer tolerate. I didn’t bring my laptop with me this trip cause I didn’t feel like carrying extra crap and I knew I wouldn’t be able to get a connection at Kelly’s house anyway, but from now on it goes with me. There’s got to be a 802.11b link somewhere in this God forsaken state.

She has a 56k modem which, you know, is almost tolerable but between the shitty phone lines in this teeny little town, the shitty phone company that won’t fix em and the utterly broken internal wiring the best connection is 19.2.

Anyway… I saw Return of the King tonight with Kelly. Great movie. Very well done. I loved it. No complaints. I cried a little (shut up you!) and was holding my breath at some parts. That might not make much sense cause I’ve read the books of course. Get this: When I read a book for entertainment I immediatly forget it. It’s great. I reread all my books over and over and over. I’ve reread all of Douglas Adams’ books dozens of times and they are just as good each time. I’ve read the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy probably 4 times and it’s always perfect. All the surprising parts are still surprising. All the sad parts are still sad. It’s great.

The movie was long, but I didn’t really notice it. The seats were kinda uncomfy so I squirmed a bit, but it was definitly tolerable. The movie kept me hooked throughout.

Yesterday was Christmas and it was cool. I got some awesome bar towels for my Kegerator (John Bull, Guinness and Beamish), an awesome Terry Pratchett fable, a hand held chess game, a Guinness t-shirt (right from Ireland) and assorted sundries. Very cool. Visited family, ate lots of food, drank half a gallon of my sister’s sangria (sp?) because I didn’t know it was meant to be sipped from a wine glass. Woops. Tomorrow I try to discover if there is a place in this town to buy a hard drive and try to make Kelly’s computer suck just a little less.

That’s it. Goodnight.

One thought on “On Location: New Jersey”

  1. Well,
    I suppose I could just send you an e-mail but since I was here. Next time you are in Jersey I’ve got some nice happy 802.11 and it reaches into the yard so you can just drive by whenever you want and use it. And it’s hooked up to my DSL line so it should suck a great deal less. Of course I might force you to try and crack my 802.11 network to get on, but I’d probably just give you the info.

    Anyway hope you had some luck finding a new hdd.


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