Time Lapse

Last week I made a timelapse video of the view out of my office window. I did it by using my Canon S30 and it’s bundled Remote Capture software to take a picture every 20 seconds for about 26 hours. Then, after much searching and experimenting, I bought Quicktime Pro and used it to compress the 5000 JPGs into a Quicktime video. You can see the results here. It’s 28 megs, so be careful there.

I learned a few important things I will use next time.

  • Use manual focus so the camera doesn’t start focusing on rain drops on the window.
  • Turn off the monitors so that they don’t put a huge glare on the windows at night.
  • Lock the door so the cleaning people don’t come in and turn on the light.
  • Find something more interesting to point the camera at.
  • Don’t even bother with free software to make the video. They all suck and crash.