Oh, I forgot to mention the dreams. Whenever I am sick I have constant, repetative, stupid dreams whenever I try to sleep. It’s always some task I am trying to complete that either goes on forever or that I keep failing at. This time they are all tower related.

Last night and the night before I was trying to make this piece of a huge black tower that is all convoluted. The tower was made of pieces of randomly welded together steel and somehow represented TCP/IP. (Don’t ask). The problem was that I was responsible for this one hunk of the tower right in the middle and I had to build my piece in such a way that I could move it into place without disturbing any of the other pieces.

Tonight, in the few hours of sleep I actually got I was just climbing an endless staircase in a tower. Just climbing and climbing and climbing. Sometimes I would slip and then I got to start over.

So, it’s 6:40am I have to be up for work in about 1:20. I can’t sleep cause I am freezing and sweating at the same time. Man this sucks.

One thought on “Dreams”

  1. I get these kind of repetative dreams, whenever I am unwell. Exactly as you say, though with different subjects of course !

    I have only seen this one note of yours about dreams, dated Feb 13 2004 06:36 so don’t know what else your note relates to. Do you know if may other people have these kinds of dreams. Is it people who have other symptoms, eg have OCD ? Or people who have certain types of jobs eg computer programming ?



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