The Dark Side

I’m typing this from my new 12″ Powerbook.

What have I done?

What I have done is bought a defective computer. I’ll be returning it today assuming Microcenter doesn’t try to charge me a restocking fee, in which case I’ll be ending up in jail most likely.

I noticed when I got it home that there seemed to be some weirdness on the front right edge of the case. It’s seperated by the tiniest bit. I figured it was just shoddy craftmenship, which I don’t really expect from Apple, but whatever. All was well and good till I picked it up to carry it across the room. As soon as I picked it up the screen went grey and a white box popped up saying I needed to reboot. I did this a few more times to verify and then I Googled.

Seems that I have either a bad hard drive or a bad hard drive cable. That, on top of the case oddness makes me think someone before me has had this laptop and maybe dropped it on it’s head. I’m not happy.

Further Update:
I took it back, got another, it did the same thing. I killed the dog, shot the roommate, blew up the house and then called Apple support. Britney told me I was a weak girly man and to push the Airport card in further. I did and all is well. *Woops*

4 thoughts on “The Dark Side”

  1. He finally got a real computer. Good work Jason, this is the best thing you’ve done since the BeOS.


  2. Hmmm… Aside from the burning need to buy more and more apple equipment I have to agree. The Powerbook is a great machine.

    Oh and I didn’t like the airport extreme install either, but no calls to tech support. 🙂

  3. Just to be clear, I don’t go callin tech support for any ol thing… but when it comes to pushing much harder than I expected to have to on a little teeny card in my brand new $1800 machine… pride can take a hike 🙂

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