First Friday

Tonight Andrea and Charles showed Adam, JoLynn and I Kansas City’s artistic side. We went and enjoyed First Friday. First Friday is the first friday of each month and all the art galleries (of which there are way more than I realized) downtown open their doors and everyone goes and gets drunk and enjoys art. It was super cool and made me realize how little I know about the city and it’s downtown. There were hundreds of people wandering around several blocks having a good time. I ran into Jeff and Catherine (whose name I might have spelled wrong) and completely failed to ask them to join us, because I’m stupid. I didn’t get to see Eric (Hi Eric!), who was also down there somewhere.

This whole deal was an eye opener for me. I’m not really the art gallery type, although I love art. Andrea mentioned at one point that I’m “one of those guys” in response to me suggesting that maybe some of these artists were just untalented hacks who were calling their lack of skill art to try to make some money. When I see a piece of pottery that is supposed to be a cup and saucer and part of it is caved in, and part is broken and the glaze is all messed up and it’s painted in various shades of shit I think to myself “That guy just isn’t very good, so he calls it art and then you can’t criticize him for it.” I learned later that that guy founded Kansas City’s art district and basically invented pottery as an art form.

What the hell do I know?

I’m just subjective as hell. I either like it, or I don’t, and if I don’t I’m not likely to beat around the bush. That’s okay though, not everyone has to like the programs I write 🙂

Yea, I just compared my bits and bytes to your paintings.

We wrapped up the night at 75th Street Brewery which was awesome. Giant soft pretzels and cask brown ale a happy Jason make. Andrea lives within walking distance of: 75th Street Brewery, Chipotle, Wendy’s, a French bakery, Waldo Pizza and some other great stuff. I’d be dead in 6 months from alcohol and cholestoral.

Anyway, First Friday was very cool, and I think will only get better. I’m really looking forward to next month and I think it will be more fun as I get to know the area better. It gave me a better appreciation for downtown. While I’ve always thought the idea of urban living was cool, I’m so suburban it hurts and I really don’t have a clue. Andrea and Charles live and breath it, and made it accessible. So, thanks 🙂

One thought on “First Friday”

  1. Awww. *sniff, sniff* And I was afraid you didn’t have any fun. Hooray! Now I can’t wait for next month’s. : -)

    >>Yea, I just compared my bits and bytes to your paintings.
    Heh heh.

    Yeah. It’s amazing I haven’t dropped dead. Between Chipotle and 75th St. Maybe it’ll take another year or two of artery hardening…

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