OpenPnP – Open Source SMT Pick and Place Hardware and Software

AVRFuses – AVRFuses is a fuse selector and programmer for the AVR series of microcontrollers by Atmel. It runs in Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.



vimoMail – vimoMail is a Java POP and IMAP Mail Client For Mobile Phones.

vPod – vPod is Free Windows iPod Music Transfer Software.

WinNetClip – WinNetClip is a free network clipboard for Windows.

SecureIM – SecureIM is an encrypting proxy server for AOL Instant Messenger.

ATTray – A Windows system tray application for the Turtle Beach AudioTron.

Lirc – A modular IRC client for Java.

EspreSSL – A complete implementation of Netscape’s SSLv3 in Java.

jVFW – A video capture library for Java on Windows.

BePalmSync – A Palm Pilot desktop synchronization tool for BeOS.

Living Dangerously – A tool for changing window decoration colors in BeOS.

Dynamite – A simple tool for controlling the X10 Firecracker module for BeOS.